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Film Threat

Oct 22, 2021

Filmmaker Jason Baker examines the life and career of Tom Savini -- one of Hollywood's premier makeup and special effects artists. Legend Tom Savini and director Jason Baker discuss their epic doc Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini.

Oct 21, 2021

Director Denis Villeneuve brings Frank Herbert's beloved sci-fi novel Dune to life telling the story Paul Atreides who travels to the most dangerous planet in the universe. Chris Gore and Alan Ng take a deep dive and review Dune. 

Oct 20, 2021

Martin Shkreli is the pharmaceutical tycoon known for raising the price of a drug 5500% overnight and buying the sole copy of a Wu-Tang Clan album for $2 million. The most hated man in America, Martin Shkreli is Pharma Bro. Director Brent Hodge explains.

Oct 18, 2021

The story of a man-boy who lives in a corner market, still waiting for his mom to come pick him up. Director Christopher J. Hall discusses his acclaimed comedy short Bryers Cucumber Tostinos. Wait. Bryers Cucumber Tostinos?

Oct 13, 2021

Two friends go on a hallucinogenic mushroom trip through the desert to face their fears, doubts, and failures. Filmmakers and actors Brent Lydic and Tip Scarry chat about mushrooms, filmmaking in the desert and going on a wild ride.