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Film Threat

Jan 31, 2018

Our 2018 Sundance Film Festival coverage wraps up with some indie films we forgot and a few final thoughts. A documentary about director Hal Ashby, a Stranger Things-like film called Summer of '84 and a lot more. Chris Gore and Anthony Ray Bench also chat about weathering the post-Park City flu and begin to make plans...

Jan 29, 2018

As the Sundance Film Festival comes to a close, exhaustion finally gets the best of the Film Threat team. On the long road from Park City to Los Angeles, hosts Chris Gore and Anthony Ray Bench discuss their favorite films from Sundance 2018 while fighting the urge to sleep during the drive back.

Jan 26, 2018

Back at the Film Threat condo, Anthony Ray Bench, Matt Passantino, and Theo Schear discuss the latest films they saw at Sundance. Afterwards, Chris Gore pits Matt and Anthony against each other for the prize of staying in the condo's luxurious, private master bedroom. LET THE PARK CITY GAMES BEGIN!

Jan 25, 2018

Special guests Aaron Stewart-Ahn (co-writer) and Josh C. Waller (producer) join hosts Chris Gore and Anthony Ray Bench for our live podcast to talk about their highly anticipated film, Mandy, which premiered at Sundance. Afterward, struggling filmmakers were invited on stage to compete for $1,000... in free advertising....

Jan 24, 2018

Well, this might as well be titled “Best of the Sundance Film Festival 2018, so far” because we are still seeing movies and the entire Film Threat team is overwhelmed by all the indie film goodness. We do our best to describe and debate all the movies worth seeing. And while we’re confident the best films will...